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TRENDY was founded in 2005 as a lifestyle company. They intend to amass artworks, designs, art gallery souvenirs, and toys. They began operations at a period in the art sector when Western items steadily shifted their production base to Asian countries, resulting in the blossoming age of toys. Toy figurines that are not based on comics, television, or hero characters have become popular in this era, while street art and pop art have developed. Toys, arts, and fashion were all indistinguishable.

TRENDY’s products are inspired by (popular) artists, designers, and manufacturers who place a strong emphasis on design, function, and material. They feel that what they do serves to inspire people on a daily basis.

Exhibition Information

Look at first sight” – an exhibition of paintings from the memories of Silawit Poolsawat at first sight.

“I enjoy drawing the faces of girls.” I have no idea because the face is a significant feature that can elicit strong feelings and has a mystic allure. That is only an overview of my sentiments, though, as I will add particulars that I find appealing or that I believe are appropriate. I don’t have to make my portraits appear as realistic as they are. They could include remnants of the passage of time. An accomplished portrait artist named Silawit Poolsawat once stated, “Soft sunshine in the morning till the shadows of the night allows us view amazing sights that both the eyes can see and the heart can feel.

Silawit has dedicated his creative talents and boundless imagination to producing more than 20 paintings for this most recent solo show, titled “Look at First Sight,” for the enjoyment of everybody. This body of work is replete with the Asian women’s beauty that he finds alluring. While they both exude warmth, sweetness, and gentleness, their eyes and faces also convey power, decisiveness, tranquility, and coldness. The artist drew these young women after seeing them in his favorite Chinese movies and books, adding a certain ideal beauty and adding intricacy to give his work depth.

With hints of varied brush strokes and the potent textures the artist borrows from abstract prints and artwork, the series becomes even more intriguing. Such paintings are undoubtedly eye-catching with new paint down on certain areas and much more enhanced beneath warm tones. In addition, his deliberate use of paint on the creamy linen canvas is congruent with the notion that he wants to reflect on nostalgia as well as the style and technique he wants to show.


Silawit Poolsawat

Silawit Poolsawat (B.1972)

Po-Silawit Poolsawat is one of the artists recognized in contemporary Thai art for his extraordinary colorful portraits and his capacity to evoke viewers’ emotions and rivet them on the works of art right in front of them.
Po – Silawit Poolsawat received a degree from Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Decorative Arts’ Department of Applied Arts. There, he picked up skills in a wide range of artistic mediums, including painting, sculpting, printing, and many more. Even though he prefers painting, he also employs a variety of other methods well, particularly the merging of graphic works to provide depth to his body of work. Silawit chose to follow his own artistic path after graduation and has created a reputation with unique portrait works that have been widely recognized both in Thailand and in many other places across the world. He has also had his work shown in a number of prestigious galleries.

To be truthful, classifying his work as a portrait may not be fully accurate because the artist does not seek to represent individuals as realistically as we perceive them. Rather, he wishes to incorporate more of the imagination that lies within the mind and emotion into the work. Those represented in his paintings are all anonymous people. It could be a girl from a novel he’s read or a beloved Chinese movie he’s seen. She would, for example, resemble an Asian woman with a lovely face and a variety of intriguing personalities full of mixed emotions. She would be kind and soft, yet her facial expressions, eyes, and gestures would reveal strength, prudence, and determination. In addition, his paintings reflect the passage of time, allowing us to perceive the traces of day and night, the morning sun, or even the night’s gloom. He creates images that both the eyes and the heart can see and touch to the point where they have become the culmination of the perfect beauty in the style of Silawit Poolsawat, a highly competent contemporary artist.

SILENT MOVE, 2022 | Artist : Silawit Poolsawat | Technique : Acrylic on Linen | Size : 160 x 320 cm
BEHIND, BESIDE, BE TRUE, 2022 | Artist : Silawit Poolsawat | Technique : Acrylic on Linen | Size : 130 x 200 cm

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