TRENDY was established in 2005 as a lifestyle business. They aim to collect artworks, designs, art gallery’s souvenirs, and toys. They started business in a transition period of the art industry when western’s products gradually shifted their production base to Asian countries and resulted in the blooming age of toys. In this era, toy figures which did not derive from comics, television, or hero characters have become intriguing, while street art and pop art have fully flourished. Toys, arts, and fashion were indistinguishably blended.

TRENDY’s products are inspired by (famous) artists, designers, and producers that mainly focus on design, function, and material. They believe that what they do is to create inspiration for everyone’s daily basis.

Exhibition Information

ADD TO ART, a historic group exhibition of leading street and emerging artists worth watching.

In this era, art and lifestyle of the new generation are merged together. That being the case, it is normal for them to go shopping for art pieces to add to their collections or decorate their homes. It is similar to going shopping for brand name clothes in department stores and dressing up looking good all the time. TRENDY GALLERY and ICON SIAM have joined forces to showcase ADD TO ART, a new group art exhibition from 9 talented artists, namely:
BENZILLA, 2CHOEY, 2ND2FRIEND, KARMS, POORBOY, JIGGO, YAMADA, ERTHH, CUSCUS THE CUCKOOS under the concept that reflects the consumer culture of the new generation with taste. Youngsters these days are starting to collect more art pieces, especially pop art. Hence, we want to invite everyone to come and look at as well as shop for art pieces in the style you like and take them back to perfect your personal collections of which you’re proud.