Untitled : A Retrospective 1999-2021

From ATT 19

Housed in a stunning 120-year-old compound, art and retail space ATT 19 is the newest entrant to Bang Rak’s cultural scene. Under the creative direction of Porntip “Mook” Attakanwong, the 2,000 sq m space features a retail area filled with offbeat treasures, as well as an in-house restaurant and an art exhibition space.

Exhibition Information

“When we are at peace, contentment is when we are present with ourselves without a name”

‘Untitled’ compiles and tells a story of Udomsrianan’s career as a designer and artist, with works ranging from furniture, sculpture, painting, printing, drawing to ceramic. The exhibition takes a look at the core identity and ethos of Udomsrianan, working consistently with a deep understanding of one’s self and emotions.

From the changes that occurred through out time, it can be said that Udom Udomsrianan has stayed true to himself but adaptable. With a deep and long experience in furniture design (Designer of the Year 2011) and expertise in Rattan work – he has made a name for himself creating organic but yet outlandish forms in both useable and extreme scales. This understanding of scale, forms and dimensions are unmissable in his explorations of other mediums such as paint, Chinese ink, mono print, etching, drawing and ceramic. Drawing from his obsession with the unique forms of rocks, imaginative character inventions and signature use of black and white – Udomsrianan’s works creates a new world for audiences to dive into.

Udomsrianan couples his interest in meditation and “zen” and channel it into the creation of his works. On the surface, works can appear minimal and though the artist thrives on stillness, there are several layers of techniques and skills to unpack within each piece that are full of livelihood energy and power.
For instance, some graphite drawings appears as blocks of blackness, nothing more..but upon closer inspection, shapes of rocks and wondrous textures of sharp and repetitive strokes reveal themselves.

As he has stated, “My work is like storytelling, disclosing parts of my experiences for others. Each one of my work has little narratives hidden in them, it may not be all of it but 90% of my works have stories.

They allow me to have fun with the process of creative thinking and with that, I can create artworks more easily.” Thus this retrospective has not been curated or shaped to fit the evolution of the artist through out time, instead works from 1999 to 2021 has been placed together in an exhibition to create a universe for the audience to immerse themselves in the thoughts and being of the artist without the numbers of years defining his journey.


Udom Udomsrianan