Chisanuphol Presamvorakitkool or shortly nicknamed ‘Kao’ is an artist who paints from an environmentalist perspective. His work revolves around the beauty of nature, raising appreciation for the wonders of nature and its overall benefit towards the planet. With deep insight into Buddhist studies, he applies this contextually to the conceptualization of his work and delivers this message thoroughly through his woodcut prints.

The artist’s passion for art started to grow when he was introduced to the process of printing during his art classes in highschool. Holding on to this interest, he proceeded to continue his art studies in university and dig deeper into the industry. This allowed him to gain more knowledge on printing and become an expert, leading to an art career as a result. “Printing, as one may know, requires a lot of patience and anticipation. You never know the result of your work until you’re at the final step so you’re basically working blindly,” Presamvorakitkool explains. This process has changed the artist’s mindset and turned him into an easy-going person. With printing, he has to be able to look over the steps and visualize the final results, so not thinking too deeply about the steps in between was a skill that he acquired along the way.