Cheerakiti Inprasit


Artist’s Profile: Cheerakiti, also known as Rensei, graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Thai Painting. With over several years of experience in creating awe-inspiring Thai-patterned murals, Cheerakiti has transitioned into the realm of imaginative cartoon character creation with a deep passion. The primary objective is to make traditional Thai patterns accessible to all age groups and to evolve them in accordance with contemporary trends.

Another remarkable facet of Cheerakiti’s portfolio is the production of Thai-patterned painted chinaware, known as chinaware. This endeavor has allowed the artist’s skills to continuously flourish. Pursuing both of these ventures concurrently not only enriches the artist’s personal life but also contributes to the preservation of Thai cultural identity. Furthermore, it serves as a catalyst for imparting modern knowledge to the younger generation, thereby ensuring the perpetuation of cultural heritage.