Pol-Asa, a young artist, developed a passion for art through his exposure to artwork at home and his visits to galleries. He creates modern art intended for home decoration, drawing inspiration from his travels and fantasy. Participating in art competitions as a child provided him with valuable feedback and nurtured his creativity. Recognizing the fast-paced nature of society, Pol-Asa aims to create artwork that resonates with the modern generation. His earlier works explored the destructive consequences of technology and human activities on the environment, particularly focusing on the destruction of insect habitats. However, his art has evolved to convey messages of interspecies friendship, emphasizing love, warmth, and the equal value of all life forms. Through his art, Pol-Asa encourages reflection on humanity’s relationship with nature and the importance of coexistence. Overall, his artistic journey reflects a passion for modern art and a desire to raise awareness about human impact on the environment and other species.