Chatuphon Siretar, a graduate of Bangkok Thonburi University, is a talented artist who has been creating fine art pieces since 2013. His work is heavily influenced by nature and the advancements of technology that shape our lives. Siretar employs unique techniques, utilizing traditional materials like lacquer poured onto canvas, to create intricate and modern representations of the world around us.

His artistic journey began when he observed his mother sculpting a gold-covered Buddha image, which became a family business. Growing up, Siretar frequently assisted his mother in her work, developing a deep involvement in sculpting. Additionally, he was exposed to Thai art on a daily basis, which ultimately influenced his path as a fine art painter.

While initially considering science and math as his primary focus during his senior year, Siretar ultimately returned to his true passion: art. Exploring various artistic fields, he discovered a preference for fine art techniques and the versatility they offered artists. Siretar dedicated himself to perfecting his craft, particularly the intricate twists and turns of Thai patterns, under the guidance of his fine arts teacher.

With a solid foundation and a mission to consistently develop his artistic concept, Siretar continues to adapt his paintings to each assignment, drawing inspiration from his studies and experiences.