Attapon Noinak


Attapon, a resident of Nakhon Sawan, shares his experience of living a rural life deeply connected to nature. Growing up in a large family, he relied on farming, gardening, and animal husbandry for sustenance. Attending school in his hometown, he developed a strong attachment to his community and its serene environment. Pursuing his passion for art, Attapon enrolled in the Poh-Chang Academy of Arts, where he honed his skills in traditional Thai art forms. His artwork, characterized by a blend of Thai elements, reflects his nostalgic memories and love for his rustic upbringing. Attapon’s dedication to showcasing the beauty of rural life through his art has earned him recognition, including participation in the recent ‘KHON – TAI – THAM’ exhibition. By embracing his rural roots, Attapon has shaped his artistic style and found inspiration in his 24 years of living amidst nature.