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New Artist

– Passakorn Pachana (ภาสกร แพชนะ)

"Life can always find inspiration"

‘Passakorn Pachana’ known as ‘Winner One’ graduated with a 2nd class honors with a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Major in Thai Arts at Silpakorn University. He was born and grew up in the Fisherman Village in Surat Thani Province, Southern Thailand. Passakorn is currently living and creating his art in Nakhon Pathom Province where he accumulates his useful skills for his art career path.

Passakorn Pachana

Decor & Art


Hello, Culture

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The Enlightening Stupa Candle Holder Box Set

Inspired by the Sukhothai bell-shaped Stupa with Ceylonese influence, it is fitting as an addition to Buddhist shrines or to be offered as a present for those deserving of your highest love and respect.

Are you looking for a fantastic gift that truly embodies Thai style?

Scarf with Thai colors is charm and make it look trendy and not out of style and may be worn everywhere.

The charm of Wat Arun on the scarf

Only from SILPA, you can find this nice scarf designed with a blend of Wat Arun and Thai art patterns. Using soft silk from Spain and use Thai authentic patterns.

Brand We Love

Thorr, Passion of Thai Weaving Culture

Starting from Thanapat Boosanan, founder of Thorr, who had been an expert in bamboo architecture was inspired to add more value to Thai handicrafts. She wants to empower young Isaan (North Eastern) women by providing employment for their children and grandkids, so they may be proud of being rural children. Proud of the expense of living associated with forefathers’ creative and cultural legacies.

The design and woven technique formed with generation of knowledge from locals and passed through this knowledge to the new generation to preserve this value of handcraft, Thorr would love to present the perfect balance of modern and traditional vibe.

WAT About Siam, Exploring Thai cultures through the scenery of temples and palaces

‘WAT ABOUT SIAM’ is willing to be one of you to let you take a deep rest by their items. The enlightening stupa is not just being a candle stupa but your warmest hug during the happy time, Joy time, Sad time, and Relaxation time that will stay with you calmly and comfortably.


1 Day Art Lecture with BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre)

One day Art Lecture with the BACC program, you will experience lectures on the history of modern and contemporary Thai art in Thailand with a Lecturer at the Department of Art History, Silpakorn University (Wiphat Purichanon, Ph.D.), also has an exchange session for famous Thai artists, current Art Trends in Thailand with Suebsang Sangwachirapiban Head of Exhibition Department, Bangkok. Art and Culture Centre. Then you will experience BACC exhibition tours from (June- August). The 11th White Elephant Art Award Exhibition, CROSSOVER II: The Nature of Relationships, TAWEE ratchaneekorn: A Retrospective Exhibition.

More Experiences with SILPA

Understand History & Contemporary Art in One Day

Visit MOCA and National Museum with private docent.

1/2 Day Discover Ancient Thai Kingdom : AYUTTHAYA + SUKHOTHAI

Experience of two Thai kingdoms at the Bangkok National Museum.

1/2 Day Thai Silk Weaving Experience, Exclusive Pattern

Experience Thai silk weaving with Thailand’s first weaving studio.

1/2 Day Thai Ceramic(Benjarong) Painting

Experience painting traditional Thai crafts, Benjarong. Practical ceramics that can be used at home, as Thai souvenirs and gifts.