New Artist : Ruthorn Rujianurak

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New Artist : Peachful

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New Artist :Ruthorn Rujianurak


Ruthorn Rujianurak is an artist with a unique artistic identity, evident in both the forms and color tones he chooses to employ. As an artist, he continuously studies and develops techniques to seek his genuine artistic expression. His works focus on conveying geometric shapes, as he believes that realistic representations limit viewers to a singular perspective, whereas geometric shapes allow for a multitude of interpretations and connections.

New Artist : Cheerakiti Inprasit


Artist’s Profile: Cheerakiti, also known as Rensei, graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Thai Painting. With over several years of experience in creating awe-inspiring Thai-patterned murals, Cheerakiti has transitioned into the realm of imaginative cartoon character creation with a deep passion. The primary objective is to make traditional Thai patterns accessible to all age groups and to evolve them in accordance with contemporary trends.


New Artist : Peachful


Patchanapohn Wimonarawong, also known as “Peachful”, is an artist whose works are inspired by fairy tales from her childhood. She takes various stories from her childhood and narrates them through her artwork. She believes that everyone’s emotions and memories are unique, and thus she aims to communicate through her drawings in a way that evokes a sense of relaxation and peace in the viewers. This is why she uses the name Peachful, derived from “Peaceful,” to create an atmosphere of comfort as if the viewers are immersed in her own fairy tale and can enjoy it while also being prompted with questions to explore.


The Enlightening Stupa Candle Holder Box Set.


This striking and beautiful appearance, Inspired by keeping the memory of the Buddha and his teachings alive. The stupa was created creatively by ancient Thai temples from The Sukhothai period The product perfectly conveys Thainess. The scent of candles can help to relax more unbelievably.

“Only one for you! Special artwork”


Customizing artwork allows an individual to personalize and make a piece of art unique to their tastes and preferences. It can also allow for the incorporation of specific themes or symbolism that are meaningful to the individual. Additionally, customizing artwork can also add a level of exclusivity and rarity to a piece, making it more valuable and special.


Are you looking for a fantastic gift that truly embodies Thai style? If so, we provide…


Thailand is represented by “Wat Arun pattern” embroidered on a scarf by Zhowcase. A fabric with a soft and smooth touch embodies the distinctiveness of Thai colors and adds brightness with vibrant hues to give the item charm and make it look trendy and not out of style and may be worn everywhere. Everywhere you go, it’s awesome!

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